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Print Design
Michael Simon Toon

Brillo-esque packaging for Simmons Europe, UK. Design by 
MST, 1999

At age 19, I traveled across Southern California and spent most of the next eight years in Hollywood, Los Angeles. I photographed actors and designed flyers for clubs, raves and parties. I was given office space at renowned studio, A&A Graphics (now APC), which was California’s hub for club, rave and concert promotions. They produced the now famous Coachella visual identity and are now one of the largest direct marketing studios in America.

Album for Sony/Columbia, Los Angeles. Photography and design by MST, 1998

I picked up some of my own clients along the way, including Sony Music/Columbia Records, and Atlas Productions, producer of the cult movie, Baraka, and of television commercials for McDonalds, Budweiser, Molson and Washington Mutual.

Variety print ad in “60’s movie style” for Atlas, Santa Monica. Design by MST, 1998

In 2001 I started working as a freelance artist at the studio of 23D Films in Hollywood. 23D was founded, and is operated by, award winning former character animators for South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama and King of the Hill, and creators of animations for Tool, Tupac and Eminem music forums. I worked as a consultant to 23D Films, refining character artwork and testing alternative computer based methods for the 'ink and paint' process, which circumvented the need for outsourcing to Laser Pacific (Ink and Paint producers for Simpsons and Futurama), who had previously been employed by 23D to render its broadcast quality animations at considerable expense. I successfully proved the technique with an interstitial for New Line Cinema’s feature film, Run Ronnie Run.

Editorial about MST in Juxtapoz’s Erotica Magazine, San Francisco, 2000

In my spare time, I used to photograph my close friends and family. In 2000, Juxtapoz published its Erotica Magazine which featured an eight page editorial on my personal portrait photography and polaroid photography.

Book for Cleopatra Publishing, Hollywood. Editing and design credit, MST, 2001

In 2004, Cleopatra Records, in Hollywood, published Hollywood Rocks, a hardback book about Hollywood Rock Bands of the 80’s including Guns & Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motley Crue. I assisted as editor and designed 110 of its 210 pages.

Graduation Program for University College London. Design by MST, 2000

I was asked to art direct and design the University College London graduation ceremony program, for the graduating year 2000. I was given complete artistic freedom and told only to consider that, “People will have worked extremely hard to be able to receive one of these.” UCL is one of the world’s top ranking universities.